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Why Authenticity Matters...

In a world increasingly full of smoke and mirrors and confusion, it is becoming imperative to understand what your authentic self looks and feels like.

I specifically reference looks and feels for two very powerful reasons which I will elaborate on shortly.

The first task, however, is to understand the power and clarity that comes with understanding your unique purpose.

In my book You-nification ( there is a chapter on how to craft your purpose and it is simpler than you may think.

You can begin by asking yourself this simple question...what would I like people who I respect and value to say about me?

In my case, as an example, I would like them to say that I am; funny, courageous, intelligent, peaceful and inspirational.

Now let's deal with what that might look like and feel like...

It would look like...being involved in activities, pursuits, practices, rituals, friendships, professional work, communications, behaviours and thoughts that align with those qualities that I what to be renowned for (see above).

It would feel like...a range of positive and empowering emotions indicating that my behaviour and thoughts are aligned with my desired states outlined above. It is also reasonable to expect that I would experience many positive affirming emotions from doing this as I am being authentic in the process.

If I was involved in situations, behaviours and thoughts that were misaligned with my desired characteristics then my emotions would more likely warn me by making me feel discontent and uneasy.

Pretty simple really...a good metaphor is that your emotions are your internal compass always indicating your true north and most authentic self, providing you listen to them and act on their promptings and understand your purpose.

So in my simple world, the logic is thus...

  1. Develop a clear purpose (How you want to be?)

  2. Monitor your emotional state so you know if you are on the true path.

  3. Only practice behaviours that align with your purpose.

Have fun.

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