Richard Day

Richard Day is the Managing Director of the Life & Business Leadership Institute and is a national and international speaker, facilitator and high-performance coach.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Human Movement (Human Performance) and Diploma of Education and has recently completed further postgraduate studies at Charles Sturt University in Organisational Leadership and Coaching.

If you want to partner with someone who:

  • Makes the complex simple.

  • Understands how to get great outcomes in amazingly short times.

  • Gets to the core of any issue and co-creates appropriate options and solutions.

  • Has extraordinary experience and wisdom that spans an amazing number of business sectors and industries.

  • Has a professional purpose of “Co-Creating High Performance Outcomes" with individuals, teams and businesses.

  • Is committed to your success and authenticity.

  • Has unique experience across a vast range of industry sectors both government and private. 

  • Will only accept payment if he delivers and the experience is a valuable investment of your time.

He has extensive radio experience and has spoken on life and business leadership issues on Radio 3UZ, Radio 3LO, Sport 927, Radio 3AW, Radio 3AK and SEN Sport.

Richard is the author of "You-nification": How to Increase Your Level of Impact, Influence and Income, and was featured in the book Millionaire Coach along with sixteen other leading National coaches.


Richard is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.

Richard is a fully qualified MBTI (Myers Briggs) facilitator, registered licensee and coach of the Integrity and Values Personal Profile instrument and uses 360-degree survey software to support his work with individuals and teams.


He is also on the advisory board of an international company PocketConfidant which has developed an “AI” self awareness, intelligence platform that is being used worldwide to improve self-reflection and self-awareness skills.

He delivers amazing results and clarity to both individuals and businesses on leadership, developing a clear and compelling vision, driving and developing behaviours that achieve personal and business goals and developing passionate and robust teams.

Richard's commitment to the development of leadership potential in youth and adults within Australia has seen him lead the Powerhouse Power2Lead program and Rotary Youth Leadership Program, which targets the 18-25 year olds whom these organisations have identified as having leadership potential

Life and Business Leadership Institute

The Life and Business Leadership Institute exists for the purpose of identifying the behaviours and supporting systems that will help any individual and business achieve:

  1. Greater clarity around their purpose and vision.

  2. Greater profitability as a result of knowing who they are and what they intend to do.

  3. Specific behaviours and systems to drive the outcomes and goals.

  4. Ongoing adjustment of goals, outcomes and success behaviours.   

The essence of true self-leadership involves leading yourself effectively and authentically and then empowering others to do the same.

I will help you find the answers to the following crucial questions:

  • Do you understand your purpose and most importantly are you living it?

  • What are your values and how do you demonstrate day to day? are they present in your life?

  • What is your legacy for humanity?

  • How you could be more authentic in life and business?

  • Are you the very best version of you?

  • What are the biggest interferences in your life?

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