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Creative new idea. Innovation, brainstorming, inspiration and solution concepts. The man i

Richard is committed to:

  • Making the complex...simple!

  • Delivering amazing outcomes in amazingly short times.

  • Getting to the core of any issue and co-creating appropriate solutions.

  • A professional purpose of “Co-Creating Inspiration and Empowerment" with individuals, teams and businesses.

  • Your success, authenticity and ultimate"you-nification".

  • Only accepting payment if the experience is a valuable investment of your time.


"The essence of true self-leadership involves leading yourself effectively and authentically

and then empowering others to do the same".

Richard Day

I will partner with you and find the answers to the following crucial questions:

  • Do you understand your self-leadership purpose, and are you living it?

  • What are your values, and how do you demonstrate them?

  • How aligned are your values and your behaviours? 

  • What is your legacy for humanity?

  • How could you be more authentic in life and business?

  • Are you the very best version of yourself?

  • What are the biggest interferences in your life, and what strategies do you have to remove them?

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