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The essence of professional speaking is to inspire and inform so that action is taken.

I offer a variety of speaking keynotes that are designed to challenge audiences to reflect on their behaviours, outcomes, alignment and subsequent performance.

I specialize in the following keynotes:

“How to take Control of Yourself, Your Business and Your Future…Simple Strategies for Sustained Success”.

  • “Self-Leadership”: Skills that cultivate individual ability to take control of a situation and manipulate the “game” to get the best possible outcome for all. Self-leadership skills include communication, stress management, health and wellness, time management and how they all combine to give you the edge


“Authentic Leadership…Why it’s Rare and Powerful at the Same Time. Powerful Skills to Give You the Leadership Edge”.         


  • “Leadership”: How to lead authentically and drive powerful outcomes with clear strategies and systems.


“Turning Distress into Excitement…How to Master your Physical and Emotional State”.


  • “Stress Management”: How to take control of every day and lead a happy, healthy and productive life.


“Galvanising High Performing Teams…Identifying the Pain within a Team and How to Fix It”.


  • “Team Dynamics”: Understanding how to develop a high performing team and how to nourish and sustain it. 


Richard is also able to tailor a new “bespoke” presentation to suit whatever needs you might have should that be your preference.