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Logical Consequences...

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with an innovative and intelligent principal of a progressive primary school in Melbourne's northwest.

He introduced me to a cool concept around behaviour modification aptly named "logical consequences" that he and his teaching team are driving as a part of their vision to develop their students to become responsible citizens for the future.


In the school environment, it works something like this.

If a student talks incessantly disrupting the class a logical consequence might be to ask the student to sit by themselves for some time so that they are unable to disrupt the other students.

Logical consequences relate to the premise that for every behaviour, thought and action there is a logical consequence.

For example, when I decide to compliment someone the logical consequence for the receiver of the compliment might be to feel encouraged, recognised and validated.

This process is predicated on me being respectful toward the person and also asking their permission first.

Alternatively, if I am rude and disrespectful then the logical consequence might be that I have fewer people who want my company or rude and disrespectful people seek me out.

It seems that our society is largely structured around the concept of logical consequences. For example, if someone regularly speeds then a logical consequence is that they might eventually lose their right to drive on our roads for some time.

That is logical to me as it protects other members of the community from harm and


The point of this article is for all of us to think carefully about what should be the logical consequence of any behaviours that we indulge in.

For example, if I struggle to control my exposure to social media, a logical consequence might be to identify an acceptable amount of time that I am prepared to devote to that activity and then limit myself to that amount of time.

Another logical consequence might be to create other healthier activities in place of surfing social media sites.

Given that we will all have some behaviour that we want to modify and improve then thinking about a logical consequence to support our change in behaviour makes logical sense and more importantly, begins to develop a level of personal and societal responsibility around doing better things to enhance each other's experiences.

Long live the concept and impact of logical consequences...helping people become more responsible and accountable for their actions.

Also for all of our clients, friends and family Jenny and I wish you all a festive season full of happiness and cheer and a happy and healthy 2024.

Richard & Jenny Day

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