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Performing to Your Potential...

Whenever I achieve a flow state (you know, that feeling of being so present that you are completely immersed in an experience) it seems to me that at that moment my performance and my potential become one and the same as I seem to be existing in a realm without distraction.

Some years ago now, I was engaged in some professional development work and became aware of a particular performance model attributed to an author by the name of Tim Gallwey.

Gallwey proposed a very simple theory which he called 'the performance model' which I have listed here in case you are unaware of it.

Performance = Potential - Interference

(Tim Gallwey)

As an executive coach and high-performance coach, this model is breathtaking in both its simplicity and power and reminds us that the power of the flow state is available to all of us as soon as we commit to addressing and eliminating the interferences, distractions and annoyances that we allow into our lives.

Sounds simple doesn't it...just get rid of the crap in your life whatever and wherever it is.

How do you start such a process you may be thinking? Well, here are a couple of suggestions if you are interested.

  1. Identify the people, situations and scenarios that cause you the greatest amount of pain and angst (interference). For example, you struggle to tell people what you really think due to a fear of upsetting them so you carry the burden (interference) around with you everywhere.

  2. Decide what you are going to do to remove the interference from your life.

  3. Identify a timeline of when you plan to begin the process so you can measure your progress.

  4. Start feeling lighter and happier with every interference you eliminate.

In my mind, interferences are unhealthy if they exist in your world for long periods so start getting rid of some as soon as you can and watch the flow state embrace you as a reward.

NB. The solutions to all types of interferences are also covered in my book "You-nification...Strategies to increase your Influence, Impact and Income"

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