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Professional Speaking:


I offer various speaking keynotes that challenge audiences to reflect on who they are and how their behaviours, values and purpose impact their existence and performance.


“How to take Control of Yourself, Your Business and Your Future…Simple Self-Leadership Strategies for Sustained Success”.

  • This keynote identifies the key components of how to become more powerful and authentic. It investigates concepts that allow you to maximize your potential and minimize any interferences

“Authentic Leadership…Why it’s Rare and How it Gives You the Unfair Advantage”.


  • This keynote outlines how to become an authentic leader in your own right and the skills and behaviours that allow you to develop trust and confidence in your leadership ability.

“Eco Leadership and the Future...How to Design Leadership Solutions for Your Dynamic Business”.

  • This keynote outlines how to develop a leadership solution for the business ecosystem you are leading. 

“Galvanising High Performing Teams…Identifying the Pain within a Team and How to Fix It”.


  • This extraordinary keynote reveals how to develop a high-performing team and how to nourish and sustain it in increasingly volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous environments.

Richard is also able to tailor a new “bespoke” presentation to suit whatever needs you might have should that be your preference. 

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