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We support an array of profiling tools that support revealing insights into who you are, how you lead and also the health,

alignment and effectiveness of your team.

Self Leadership Profiles:

Richard is accredited in the Integrity & Values profiling tool. The profile investigates how you view yourself in relation to a number of powerful leadership traits including: Truthfulness, Responsibility, Accountability, Loyalty and Self Awareness. The profile includes a two hour debrief to ensure that all your talents are clearly identified as well as your emerging talents and the behaviours that require more of your focus and attention. This profile is available in the online store.

Leadership Profiles:

Richard is also able to debrief the CRG Leadership profile which identifies the following key leadership areas for reflection and exploration: Transforming Leadership Principles, Self-Management Skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Coaching Counselling & Problem Solving Skills, Consulting Skills and Versatility and Organisational Skills.

This profile takes approximately 90 mins to debrief and is also available in the online store.

Values Profile:

The CRG values profile allows an individual to work through and calibrate with their coach to reveal their top three operational values as well. Understanding one's values ensures that a leader can engage more deeply with each team member and drive more authentic outcomes.

360 Degree Feedback (Individual and Team):

We also offer a complete 360 degree survey should you want to profile a number of people anonymously and create both an individual profile as well as a team report. I am also accredited to provide guided feedback and insight around this report.

All Star Teams Profile:

This unique tool allows individuals to complete their own profile and then also get an insight into the makeup of the team that they work with using the same metrics. This tool is primarily used for gauging the connection and balance of all teams with a special emphasis on the functioning of remote teams. 

Should you require more information on any of these profiling tools please call me on M:0418177868 or email me at so that I can talk you through which of the profiles might best suit your needs.

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