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What's in a name...everything.

I often facilitate and consult with businesses that are start-ups or businesses redefining or rebranding their offering.

What is critical is to be able to have a business name that is both memorable and aligned with the philosophy of the operation so that everything just "clicks".

I had such an experience recently and want to share the story...

I had recently become aware of a new corporate retreat venue in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula 'The Cambium'. I thought it was appropriate to check them out given that facilitating is a substantial part of how I earn a living.

I drove to the venue which has been recently renovated and nestled in beautiful gardens and backs onto a picturesque corridor of natural bushland which is simply stunning.

As I stopped at the gated entry I casually looked around and noticed a sign and vision statement that resonated with me at a very deep level.

"The Cambium...A Sanctuary for Thinkers"

Such a clear, concise and compelling offering and what a beautiful thing to cultivate!

(I happen to believe that thinking is a skill that needs to be developed in our world specifically thinking as unique individuals who have intelligent ideas to share.)

I also think that my profession helps people reach their potential by developing the skill of thinking, so, you can imagine how excited I was to find out more about this place and what it offers.

As I arrived at the beautifully presented reception area I was met by the owner Sally and we sat down to chat some more. After exchanging pleasantries she then asked me if I knew what the word cambium meant.

As someone who has an interest in nature and things that grow I had an idea that it was the growth layer of a tree and is responsible for the growth rings that appear on trees indicating their age. She complimented me on my understanding and I complimented her on the choice of name for her business venture as a metaphor for growth...generally.

My point is that when I look into any business collaboration opportunity it is such an advantage to have a clearly aligned purpose or vision statement describing who you are and what you do as well as being aligned with my professional values.

As I walked around the venue I kept noticing how the theme of growth through thinking was everpresent in the design and layout of the space as well as the philosophy of how they did things there. This relates back to the thought given to the name and the vision statement I noticed when I first arrived and is the beginning of an authentic experience which most people crave in a world largely comprised of smoke and mirrors.

On that basis alone check out The Cambium as a conference venue because they offer a beautiful retreat space and just as importantly, in my opinion, have a clear business offering and a compelling reason for playing in the conference space.

I want to be renowned as a thinker...what about you?

Get my latest book and begin thinking about unlocking your own authentic self...

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