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How Goals and Litter Provide Inspiration...

As this is my first post for the New Year I thought that I would touch on the concept of preparing yourself for a successful 2023 and the role that goals (personal or business) might play.

It seems to me that most goals are more regularly achieved if you have some of the following in place:

  1. You value the goal at a deeply personal level.

  2. The goal supports your purpose.

  3. You receive support and encouragement whilst working toward the goal.

Of course, there will be other reasons yet these are pivotal in my opinion.

Now, let me segue into the litter issue and its relevance...

I live in the inner city and walk around the place a lot.

One of the biggest challenges in my area is the level of litter that I see and continually pick up and so over the break, I investigated whether there was an app that tracked this.

Turns out there is and it is called CleanUp.

It allows you to take a snap of the litter you collect, tallies it up, identify the places on a world map where you have collected it as well as communicate with other app users around the world that are making a difference all over the place.

Cool huh?

Let me now test my brief goal-setting checklist above...

  1. Yes, I value the app and the goal at a deeply personal level based on the fact that we are indeed stewards of this remarkable world and have a responsibility to the next generation.

  2. The app and the behaviour it supports align with my purpose of co-creating inspiration and empowerment.

  3. I am inspired by others doing the same thing around the world and seeing what a difference they can make by acknowledging their contribution.

It is a small goal that has a big impact especially if you like to travel.

And here is the really inspiring story attached to this blog.

Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Borneo and we visited an eco-tourism island that required a short boat trip. whilst we were waiting I noticed a pile of litter floating in the water near a boat ramp and with nothing better to do I grabbed a bin and waded into the water and started to collect from the ocean.

After a few minutes, I heard some people clapping and paying no attention I kept on with my chore. It was only when the clapping got really loud that I stopped to see what the commotion was all about.

It was then I realized, all of the locals on the jetty were clapping as I picked up the litter from their part of the world as a tourist.

I hope you get satisfaction from your goals and their achievement no matter how big or small.

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