Changing your World through Unique Conversations and Experiences (Coaching, Facilitation and Speaking)

All of our services are focused on changing your world with unique conversations and experiences:

  1. Developing extraordinary focus and results in amazingly short periods of time.

  2. Simplifying issues so that you can find the solutions easily and act accordingly.

  3. Holding you accountable for who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

  4. Giving you total ownership over your decisions and actions in creating your ideal future in both life and business.

  5. Developing the skills that will allow you to earn what you are actually worth.


Leadership is the ability to inspire and lead others to achieve a vision or goal and it is predicated on the ‘leader’ being able to “lead” themselves first and foremost.  Without the ability to lead ‘self’, a leader has little to no right to lead others.


The best leaders in life and business
are the people who have the courage, discipline and character
to be outstanding self-leaders with proactive ‘success’ rituals.


Richard Day

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