Naomi Milgrom

Chief Executive Officer, Sussan Corporation.


You grasped exactly the message we wanted to communicate to our team, combining this with your fun and energetic presentation style to deliver a presentation everyone is still talking about.


Humorous, informative and most importantly highly motivating.

Di Jameson

Managing Director, Horsey Jamieson Bird


Recently we engaged Richard to present at our 7th Horsey Jameson Bird Business Conference at Noosa in February.


Richard impressed me with his ability to understand the message that we wanted to convey to our team and the type of people who work in our business.


His presentations very informative and inspirational and I sincerely believe that Richard would be a wonderful asset to any conference program as a way of engaging everyone in your group to achieve higher levels of performance.


In short, we plan to work with Richard again to establish a closer working partnership with such a passionate and dedicated professional.


Excellent effort Richard!

Tina Ball

Director, Network New Zealand.


Richard was such a success at our National Conference that I am keen to involve him again in our International Convention in New Zealand as the keynote speaker!

Tim Lincoln

Managing Director, Lincoln Indicators


When I first met Richard, I was MD of a small family business that employed four staff. I was stressed; unfit and felt out of control both personally and professionally.


Richard through his health management programs and business coaching sessions was able to quickly assist me with relieving the stress, achieve personal fitness and business goals and get total control back into my personal and business life.


My business has since grown into a multi-million-dollar enterprise that currently employs 25 quality team members. I have experienced many challenging times during that growth; however, with Richards's constant guidance and coaching many of the challenges have produced positive outcomes and new opportunities.


I have gained more confidence due to your upbeat attitude, motivation and desire to help others. Your personal values and your approach to business, sets an excellent framework for success in both life and business pursuits.


I attribute a high percentage of our success to Richard's influences.

Neil Meadowcroft

Managing Director MGT Innovations


Whether Richard is facilitating a group event or providing one-on-one management coaching his passion, creative thinking and depth of knowledge shines through.

He constantly challenges individuals to stretch themselves whilst providing a safe and encouraging environment in which to reflect and develop. When he makes a commitment he follows through, but he expects the same high level of commitment from his clients.


I first met Richard when he was facilitating a course at the Australian Institute of Management. That and subsequent meetings have led to a very productive phase in my professional and personal growth.

If you are looking for a committed and dynamic professional leadership coach Richard is one of the best

Peter Harford

Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water.


Richard's style of presentation was fitting for our program and the culture of our organization. As a keynote speaker, Richard was entertaining and informative.


I would highly recommend Richard for any speaking engagements requiring a motivational presenter.

Anthea Quill

Director, Wilson Pride Noble Park


Richard, I would like to give you a big "Thank you". 18 months ago I attended a conference in Fiji and heard you speak. Your presentation was very inspiring and your positive attitude very contagious.


You made me realise that anyone can do whatever it they want to - IF THEY BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN! I have recently opened my own real estate office and one day look forward to having a great team of people and attending some of your seminars with them.


Thanks again, you have an amazing talent!

Alison Scobie

National Fundraising Manager, Mars Confectionery


Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent seminar you ran for my group. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and found the information both informative and entertaining. Your group activities certainly catered for all participants.


We had a great time!


Thanks again and I would certainly be interested in some of your other programs as required.

Our Valued Partners

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